AAYR Logo REVWelcome to the home of the Around Australia Yacht Race.

The first and only Around Australia Yacht Race was organised by Don McIntyre back in 1988.  It was known as the Goodman Fielder Wattie Bicentennial Round Australia Yacht Race.  The legendary Sir Peter Blake took the overall win on his 60 foot trimaran called Big Red, proudly sponsored by Steinlager. Since then, many people have dreamed of racing around Australia and whilst many have tried to get an event running, no one has achieved this due to cost of entry or complexity of the running. That is until now!!!

Our idea of an Around Australia Yacht Race is more conventional. We are not out to make millions in sponsorship or through entry. We want to help others achieve a dream that I was able to complete in June 2010 when I set the solo monohull record. Sailing back into the place you started, having achieved the goal of sailing over 6,500nm around the country, is something few people have achieved. It is a highlight of my life and I hope to allow others to witness themselves this truly amazing feeling.

We will run a non-stop division for fully crewed multihulls and monohulls.  This will allow yachts to attempt to break the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) records held by the 110ft Tri Geronimo (17d:12h:57m:05s) and the 54ft mono SWD Kaz (37d:01h:23m:57s).  Vessels entered in this category will have to sail non stop unassisted around Australia.  A rounding mark at Sydney Heads will be the official time point for the start and finish, although official race start and finish locations are yet to be finalised.


All other categories will be required to stop for a minimum of 8 days at any of the marinas located around Australia.  How you use these 8 days is a tactical decision.  Some will use it for maintenance and repairs, others will use it to rotate crew and others will simply stop to enjoy a location they have always wanted to visit.  The 8 days is included in the overall time for every yacht in relevant divisions.  Days must be used in 24 hour increments and will start from the time you have first line ashore at the marina.  Rules will dictate that a vessel cannot be pulled out of the water and no additional fuel will be allowed to be loaded.  Hence you must start the race with enough fuel to get you around.  Motoring in and out of marinas is allowed based on returning to the point you started to motor before continuing racing.

Whilst we would love to run a solo event, insurance and liabilities will prevent this from happening.  However a short-handed (2 persons) division will be included.  Those wishing to sail solo should contact us to discuss using our WSSRC official start/finish line, media and marketing opportunities.

More details on this great race will come as we process the forms and paperwork required to run this major event.  However if you are interested in sailing in this event, then please use the form in the sidebar to get on our mailing list.  Also sign up on our Facebook page to be included on updates and news there.

This is a dream race for so many people.  Dare to Dream friends.  If you dream it, you can do it.